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Top 5 Cloud optimisation benefits

Top 5 Cloud optimisation benefits Cloud optimisation refers to the process of maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of cloud computing services by balancing usage and cost to achieve the best overall results. It involves optimising cloud resources to minimise operational costs, improve performance, and ensure scalability. The goal of cloud optimisation is to achieve the […]

How to optimise IT Cloud


How to optimise IT Cloud? As a method of online data storage and application access, cloud computing has grown in popularity over the past few years. Businesses can benefit from a variety of things thanks to the IT cloud, such as lower expenses, more scalability, and greater flexibility. However, optimising IT cloud infrastructure can be […]

The ultimate guide to the project management triangle

The ultimate guide to the project management triangle To ensure the effective completion of a project, project management is a complicated process that involves managing time, money, and scope. The project management triangle refers to these three components. Any project manager must comprehend the project management triangle and know how to manage it. What is […]

Benefits of Cloud Optimisation Services


Benefits of Cloud Optimisation Services In recent years we have seen so many businesses make remarkable transitions in their IT infrastructure strategies, shifting away from mainframes that once powered their operations. We have seen companies revolutionise their capabilities with cloud computing. This transition has unlocked newfound agility, scalability, and cost-efficiency for some whilst others are […]

Hyperautomation: A guide to streamlining your workflow


Hyperautomation: A guide to streamlining your workflow “Hyperautomation isn’t about replacing human effort, it’s about elevating it.” Amidst the digital revolution, the idea of enhancing rather than replacing human effort is gaining traction. Hyperautomation, the most advanced concept of this philosophy, seeks to enhance societies capabilities rather than substitute them. However, what does this complex […]

Project management techniques that drive results


Any project’s success depends on efficient project management techniques. While a badly managed project may result in delays, budget overruns, and even failure, a well-managed project has the potential to produce excellent outcomes.

Exploring Project Management as a Service to Unlock Efficiency and Success


Exploring Project Management as a Service to Unlock Efficiency and Success Effective project management is essential in today’s fast-paced corporate environment to guarantee the successful implementation of initiatives. However, project management may be a difficult and time-consuming task that calls for talented and committed staff. This is where project management as a service (PMaaS) enters […]

Make the Party Better


At NWT, one of our key values which we live and breathe is related to Social Mobility.

London Tech Week 2023: Uncovering the Future of Technology


NWT was proud to attend the 10th iteration of London Tech Week (LTW). This major event, held from June 13-15, turned London into a hive of activity as thousands of tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors gathered to discuss the latest technology trends and innovations.