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Carbon Reduction Plan


New World Tech is committed to reducing its carbon footprint

We are driven to create a greener future. With this conviction, we have developed a carbon reduction plan that mitigates the impact of our own operations.

As part of our commitment, we have embraced a 100% remote working setting, minimising the need for daily commuting, and reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation. Additionally, we encourage our employees to utilise public transport whenever possible, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Recognising the importance of reforestation, we actively support tree-planting initiatives. In 2022, we teamed up with Ecologi to plant 3000 trees as part of our ongoing commitment to support the climate change emergency. Additionally, we adhere to minimising printouts and encourage digital documentation and communication. This reduces the need for printing, thereby conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions associated with paper production and disposal.

With employees working from their own homes, the demand for electricity, heating, and cooling in centralised office spaces is significantly reduced. This reduction in energy consumption directly translates into a decrease in carbon emissions from power generation and contributes to overall energy efficiency.

We also encourage our employees to adopt energy-efficient practices in their home offices. This includes using energy-saving light bulbs, which consume less electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we promote the use of dark modes on digital devices, as dark backgrounds require less energy to display, thus saving power and reducing carbon emissions. These simple yet effective measures help us conserve energy resources and play our part in mitigating climate change. NWT inspires our employees to adopt sustainable practices both in and outside work.

In line with our commitment to responsible e-waste management, we work with a supply and lifecycle provider for all hardware assets. This ensures proper disposal and recycling of end-of-life equipment, minimising electronic waste and preventing harmful substances from entering landfills. By prioritising proper disposal and recycling, we actively contribute to a circular economy, promote sustainability, and reduce our overall carbon emissions.

At New World Tech, we believe that every small action contributes to a larger impact. Through these collective efforts, we are actively working to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability within our organisation. We firmly believe that these initiatives, coupled with the commitment of our employees, will contribute to a greener future for our company and the environment as a whole.

Find out more information about our carbon reduction plan here