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NWT has established key strategic partnerships and alliances with world-class organisations in order to create positive outcomes for our clients. Built on a foundation of collaboration, differentiation and innovation, our partner ecosystem underpins and complements our own specialised consulting capabilities and real-world experience enabling us to deliver the right solutions and teams to address the complex, critical business challenges our clients face in a time of unprecedented disruption and change.


Our ServiceNow advisory services help our clients unleash the potential of Digital Transformation. 

How ServiceNow aligns with our 5D framework:


NWT have a wealth of experience working with Microsoft across their portfolio, we bring a wealth of accredited talent to your business

At NWT we are on a cloud-first journey helping businesses discover how to solve technical challenges that help decide how to operate in a digital age.

Our Partnership with Microsoft allows us to develop both digital teams to help forward-thinking organisations make their journey to the cloud.

Working in partnership with Microsoft we deliver business transformation specialists that unlock the value of your digital innovation projects with the latest infrastructure workflows and architecture.

How Microsoft aligns with our 5D framework


NWT in partnership with AWS combines our digital technology expertise and engineering and business change pedigree to help discover how your business can decide to drive innovation, scale, and agility by accelerating your adoption of AWS.

Our unique partnership with AWS Partner Network is to help clients develop across the stack from SME to Enterprise level deliver transformative and sustainable benefits such as rationalization, technical debt elimination, automation, and modernisation to reduce costs and increase speed.

Having delivered various projects to the Financial Service sector

NWT can offer end-to-end outcomes from strategy to delivering your AWS journey to migrating and managing solutions from the AWS suite.

How AWS aligns with our 5D framework


Together, NWT & Telefonica Tech offer an integrated range of services that includes hybrid IT solutions, software services, cloud computing, analytics, enterprise mobility and security.

NWT’s partnership was best demonstrated when NWT & Telefonica Tech (Previously Cancom) supported PPL/PRS on the full rollout to develop home working when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, NWT delivered the future-proof design of infrastructure architecture that allowed the Telefonica Tech SDM’s to roll out the workplace solution and allowed PPL/PRS a secure and scalable environment.

How Telefonica Tech aligns with our 5D framework


NWT was a founding partner having been involved from the start to define the unique platform.

Using machine learning and the analytics engine, collaboratively we can discover a picture of your application/infrastructure landscape faster. Assessments that typically take months can be performed in hours and days using the Junkshon platform.

The unique API layer allows us to integrate with cloud migration tools, internal automation tools and with public cloud provider interfaces. This allows your business to make the right decision quickly, as we build business case forecasts faster that delivers a future strategy and digital transformation plan.

NWT & Junkshon believe that cloud migration should not cost the earth. Our unique partnership offers the benefits of a platform company that focus on building applications to deliver outcomes.

Junkshon is a SaaS platform which utilises a flexible consumer subscription approach you can turn on and off as and when you need it. You are in total control.

How Junkshon aligns with our 5D framework


NWT’s partnership with Google allows us to offer services across the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) journey that will allow you to discover the digital capability of the platform.

NWT’s Google Cloud practitioners help customers to decide and drive innovation, scale and agility by accelerating their adoption of the GCP, we deliver best practices along with built in solution accelerators.

With a deep digital engineering heritage, NWT brings a wealth of complex experience across a number of sectors that utilises a microservices-based, pre-built solutions and APIs on Kubernetes, as well as machine learning and data-oriented applications.

How Google Cloud aligns with our 5D framework


NWT and HPE’s partnership is a very unique one, our founder and CEO held a number of senior roles across the global HPE business, our technical board all once held technology VP roles inside HPE, so we are uniquely positioned to navigate inside of HPE, allowing us to navigate to the correct stakeholders first time. NWT & HPE share a common methodology of providing our clients with an “as a service” approach to truly drive outcomes.

Our Partnership and methodologies will allow your business to discover the “as a service” model which will provide flexibility and speed to market.

Our partnership will help your business to decide to take advantage of an ever-expanding line of services that span the entire infrastructure to full platform offerings and completely managed public and private clouds, Our partnership makes us uniquely positioned to help you develop the right digital foundation for your business. This allows us to deliver and meet the business needs you have today, and grow with you as those needs evolve.


How HPE aligns with our 5D framework


Together, Anexinet and NWT are uniquely positioned to help clients streamline their journey to the Cloud in the face of the pandemic by designing, building, automating and managing their workloads and applications on Enterprise-Cloud or Cloud-Hyperscalers, including AWS, Alibaba, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. The strategic partnership has already helped one established financial institution unlock significant value by accelerating the development and delivery of effective, integrated Cloud-based solutions. Anexinet’s proven Kickstart process and comprehensive set of tools and services deliver an Agile, scalable Cloud-based environment that embraces traditional IT as well as Private, Public, and Managed Cloud. Migrating applications and business systems to the Cloud is a daunting task for even the most mature organization. As a result, a Cloud-adoption strategy and roadmap often means the difference between successful deployment and failure to launch. Anexinet helps organizations determine their ideal strategic approach.


How Anexinet aligns with our 5D framework


NWT in partnership with JMR Software combine our programme and project delivery expertise with a comprehensive migration framework that provides auditable, and technology agnostic data migration solutions to enable your business to discover the best options for your businesses data migration projects and allow you to decide to implement the correct data migration strategy first time.

Our unique partnership with JMR helps our clients develop across the stack, from SME to Enterprise level, to deliver a transformative and sustainable data migration strategy ensuring that the critical questions are asked, focussing on the mapping of data, rules and calculations, ultimately leading to the reconciliation of the migrated data.

Having delivered various projects to Financial Service & Insurance sectors NWT and JMR Software can offer end to end outcomes from strategy to delivering your data migration programme.


How JMR Software aligns with our 5D framework