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AI AND POLITICS – OUR INSIGHTS FROM THE AI SAFETY SUMMIT 2023 At the beginning of November, the first-ever AI Safety Summit took place in the historical setting of Bletchley Park. On this site, Alan Turing and his team cracked the Nazi Enigma code during World War II. Furthermore, at Bletchley, the first ever majority […]

The beginning of the new world of ESG for NWT

The Beginning Of The New World Of ESG For NWT At NWT we’ve begun our journey to producing a successful ESG programme with the help of transformacy, a management consultancy focussed on corporate sustainability and ESG, to better look after our environment, give back to society, and ensure our business is governed to the highest […]

​​​Project Implementation Strategies: How to Ensure Success


Project implementation is the process of executing a project plan to achieve a set of desired outcomes. Effective project management and implementation strategies are key to ensuring the success of a project, but what constitutes an effective project implementation strategy?

ServiceNow Api led connectivity: a New World View | NWT


SERVICENOW API LED CONNECTIVITY: A NEW WORLD VIEW In this article, we explore ServiceNow Api led connectivity and shed light on a topic that is on everyone’s radar currently. Introduction When you think about how businesses were built in the past, it’s easy to understand why they are so slow to adopt new technologies. In […]

2022 review with our CEO, Glenn Ballard


Without a doubt, this has been an extremely challenging year for everyone in our industry. We were just starting to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic and then straight into the war in Ukraine.