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Why Santa will be Migrating to the Cloud this year​

At NWT the team have been discussing why santa will be migrating to the cloud this year as many industries around the world look to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Santa and his legacy architecture

Santa had been struggling to keep up with the Naughty and Nice List this year, and with children around the world asking for more out of Christmas each year, everyone in the North pole was frantically working, out of fear some kids were going to be left disheartened.

But no matter how hard they worked, they were inefficient and wasting time on packing gifts that are were already fulfilled. Santa was operating on legacy architecture and was overwhelmed with technical dept. The system was flawed, and it couldn’t take the high volumes of presents for all those kids on the nice list.

Santa’s Digital Refuge

However, the elf foreman had good tidings to bring, and noting the success of other clients, recommended NWT to help migrate Santa’s long confusing lists to a digital refuge. He recalled stories to Santa and the other elves of how the use of an e-commerce platform might just save Christmas 2022. Technology wouldn’t just organise the naughty and nice list’s, it would transform Santa’s whole workshop into an efficient, digital haven.

After talking to Glenn, the Santa of NWT, the elves couldn’t wait to get started. Not only did the north pole reduce its costs and improve business flexibility, but scalability, security and quicker business recovery in the event of disruption was also improved by migrating to the cloud.

NWT for Santa’s Cloud Migration

NWT was directly aligned to Santa’s needs, the north pole had a broad variety of elves (applications) and reindeer (data), which required different milk (migration) and cookies (delivery models) to deliver presents (associated business outcomes).

Santa saw how adoption of cloud could be transformative for Christmas’s to come, with organisational processes, elves and technology covered, together Santa and NWT ensured that the Christmas magic was sustained for kids of the future.

Cloud Migration Services

The Cloud is not a destination, but a catalyst and method for change. NWT can help you to address the key areas to inform that journey, just like Santa, by reviewing workflows and determining new capabilities, defining the security and data governance model, and designing lightweight processes. NWT will ensure you adopt the right strategy and architecture to bring together the various organisational leaders and partners to get clarity on cloud priorities. For a successful cloud journey, NWT will also assist in the reskill of existing IT talent and will acquire external talent that has the requisite skills and experience with cloud platforms. 

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