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The Beginning Of The New World Of ESG For NWT

At NWT we’ve begun our journey to producing a successful ESG programme with the help of transformacy, a management consultancy focussed on corporate sustainability and ESG, to better look after our environment, give back to society, and ensure our business is governed to the highest possible standard. We started this process with a baseline in depth analysis of our ESG posture to gain an understanding of our starting point, how and where we can improve, while also allowing us a point in which to measure progress against. This has provided us with a baseline ESG score in numerical form for each individual E S G pillar, giving us a single figure to compare to year on year.

ESG stands for the three pillars, Environmental, Social, and Governance. Having a successful ESG programme will increase the longevity of business while doing good for the planet and the people around us.

From the information gathered, transformacy has designed us a tailored made ESG strategy to help us improve, including various targets and recommendations.

Whilst our inputs and outputs could be considered minimal due to the mostly remote nature of our operations, we are still looking to optimise inputs and minimise outputs where possible. Two goals in particular we are striving towards, to be using 100% renewable energy by 2030, and to achieve net zero carbon emissions across our business by 2030.

We feel we can offer the most environmental benefit by being an advocate for sustainability. Our unique position means we are ideally placed to assist in encouraging sustainable growth amongst our customers. As part of our ESG plan we have committed to training our employees to support customers in their carbon neutral journey and encourage sustainability.

At NWT we are incredibly focused on people. We are trying here to drive inclusive economic growth through technological services innovation, which yet again we are uniquely placed to do as it is firstly our business to help customers grow; whilst simultaneously we are able to instil inclusivity and demonstrate the benefits it brings with customers.

We also seek to offer our employees a great place to work, as looking after people is key because they hold the true value of all business. This firstly means being equal and diverse while trying to make societies inequality gaps smaller. Secondly this included actions such as providing high quality healthcare to employees, wellbeing support and encouraging exercise.

When it comes to our community and the people around us, we continue to support The Change Foundation along with several other charities with things such as fundraising and our Step into IT programme. The programme is designed to enable vulnerable and disadvantaged young people access a career in technology.

With people being at the core of our business value it is of high importance in our ESG programme to operate a fair, honest, and responsible supply chain while safeguarding human rights. This involves taking into account matters such as environmental policy, treatment of staff, and data protection policy when viewing suppliers and conducting business.

With our growth ambitions being vast we found it necessary to build and employ our own risk framework. Allowing us to clearly define risk vs reward trade-offs and improve our decision making. We instil a sense of responsibility in our staff and encourage everyone to talk about risk and any concerns they may have.

Whilst this is only the beginning for us on our ESG journey, we are as usual incredibly ambitious for the success of this programme and how far we can push it. To help us with this we’ve created a ESG board within our NWT to monitor progress and ensure targets are met. We realise that as we grow, we must actively employ this ESG programme to not only maintain order but to excel in achieving our goals. With the help of transformacy we are confident we will produce sustainable commercial growth and prosperity.