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Nazrin Faizy


Nazrin Faizy Project Analyst   Nazrin joined NWT as a graduate consultant after her Masters in Global Strategy & Innovation Management from the University of Leeds. She has an engineering degree in Computer Science and is passionate about learning and experiencing the effect of digital innovations in driving organisational success. She aspires to help develop […]

Ian Kamau


Ian Kamau Project Analyst   Ian joined NWT in October of 2022 after completing his studies at the University of Sussex in Brighton. Ian completed a Bachelors in Automotive Engineering, while there he was able to take part in several group, individual and national projects. The projects involved helping local families by providing equipment during […]

Harry Paul


Harry Paul Project Analyst   Harry joined NWT as a graduate after graduating in 2022 with a Master’s In Management from the University of Bath. He has a wide range of skills including analytical skills, project management, web application development and agile. He has 2 years of experience in the software development industry and is […]

Druthi Sri Rakurty


Druthi Sri Rakurty Project Analyst   Started as a Technical Associate ,helped customer with solving their network problems and also being first point of contact for account queries. This helped me build skills such as customer relationship management, problem solving. Worked with Amazon as a Data associate helping in checking all the documentation of the […]