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Glenn Ballard

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Glenn Ballard is a determined and trusted problem solver, motivator and mentor. Learning on the front line with some of the world’s leading Enterprises, Glenn steers your strategy and roadmap for positive change.

The importance of leveraging expertise in the execution of complex IT transformations has never been more pronounced.

Glenn has a wealth of experience his emphasis on ‘readiness maturity’ stems from a deep understanding of the business. It uncovers insights into engagement, requirements, and change. He works to a rigorous, but adaptable, governance framework that ensures our customers experience results that generate maximised return on investment at the most appropriate mix of cost and acceptable risk.

His clients include Financial Services, large Government departments and large multi-national enterprises within both the public and private sectors. He helps these clients navigate and resolve the challenges they face and increase future readiness and resilience. His core skill sets include the successful delivery of programmes and projects such as Application Modernization, DC & Cloud migration, workplace transformation, mobile working or the deployment of a new platform such as ServiceNow.