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I would be surprised if you haven’t formed an opinion or two on Artificial Intelligence. What’s not up for debate is how much it’s already changed the game. It’s driving radical shifts from healthcare and transportation to cybersecurity and finance. Project management is not immune. Richard Baldwin, an economist (at the World Economic Forum’s Growth Summit in May), said –

“AI won’t take your job, but someone who knows how to use it probably will.”

The advent of AI doesn’t spell the end for the Project Manager—quite the opposite. Despite the remarkable strides in automation technology, the human Project Manager remains indispensable. AI may expedite tasks, streamline processes, and alleviate the tedium, but it fails to replicate the broad responsibilities and consciousness intrinsic to project management.

Project Management V 2.0

At NWT, we view AI not as a replacement but an enhancement. We see it as something that augments the nature of our work. Everything is so complex and vast that we need a copilot, a partner we can deploy as needed. Just to take the load.

We need it to work alongside us. Leave it to do tasks better suited to computers and robots, enabling us to do what only humans can. We harness AI to minimize errors, uphold timelines, optimize resources, and liberate us to focus on creative, high-level problem-solving.

NWT AI/Human Techniques:

A major part of work involves ‘reframing’—a deliberate, slow reasoning process that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and open-mindedness.

AI excels at processing massive data and complex calculations, whereas specific cognitive capabilities remain uniquely human. We use AI as another technique to deliver projects and programmes that work.

Everything we do demands we understand the people involved and the context. We must interpret cultural nuances and consider broader situational factors influencing decision-making. Our modern definition of a Project Manager brings strategic thinking, domain expertise, and the ability to balance stakeholder interests, elements that machines are yet to emulate.

Tame the Data Beast: Our AI algorithms rapidly analyze vast troves of project data to detect trends, spot risk factors, and forecast project outcomes, empowering our Project Managers to make data-driven decisions. Optimize Planning and Resource Allocation: AI tools streamline planning and scheduling, automate resource allocation, and facilitate critical path analysis for efficient timelines and resource utilization.

Spot and Mitigate Risks: Our AI tools identify potential risks that may impact project execution and suggest corrective actions proactively.

Ensure Quality: We harness AI to monitor project deliverables, flag potential issues, and trigger alerts when deviations from established quality standards occur. Enhance Resource Utilization: AI optimizes resource allocation by analyzing project requirements, skill sets, and current resource availability, suggesting optimal allocation strategies, and identifying potential bottlenecks.

Streamline Document Management: Our AI-powered systems automate document classification, extraction, and indexing, freeing our Project Managers from tedious paperwork.

Track Project Delivery: AI algorithms generate real-time reports and visualizations, offering stakeholders immediate insights into project performance and delivery schedules.

PMaaS – Project Management as-a-Service: Access to experienced Delivery Practitioners who manage complex programs involving Cloud computing, AI, data analytics, product engineering, automation, and the industrial Internet of Things (iIoT). If you’re keen on launching an AI project or defining your AI strategy. We’ll help you identify opportunities where AI can add value, assess your current capabilities, and develop an AI implementation roadmap that makes sure we make projects work.

Ready to see AI in action? Reach out to one of our senior Practice Practitioners to learn more about our PMaaS and AI expertise. They’re eager to understand your needs and offer insightful advice and support: